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Vegan Friendly Blaze Hemp Backpacks

Sunnmoonltd is proud to introduce its high end blaze hemp backpack. With the support from our customers and our small production team, we have created high standard backpack which will give you maximum efficiency and will last really long

Hemp is a native plant to Nepal, its being used for herbs oils and fabrics from a long time. The collected plant are left in the sun for up to 4 to 5 weeks and are than steamed and soaked in water for up to 2 weeks, and then leave it to dry. Once it’s being dried up then, it will be bashed in a traditional way with ashes and sticks so that the fabric won’t split giving much more efficiency. Than it is spun by hand and the blaze hemp fabric is made.

These bag doesn't rip like cotton and other standard hemp. These Hemp are 100% organic certified that are rot resistance and will become softer over time. The adjustable straps and bag itself is hefty build suitable for everyday activities such as Hiking, Travel, School and other various activity without any limitation. The compartment provides enough space for your items like laptops, Ipad's, Netbook, Books, Pens, Water bottle and other accessories. The shoulder straps are comfortable to carry with minimum effort for a longer time. The various compartment inside the bag provides easy storage and access to its content.

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